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Cosmic Couture serves as the foundation from which all other products and lines originate. The unique aesthetic, distinctive shapes, and cuts found in Cosmic Couture are subsequently adapted and translated into more practical, everyday products, such as those found in the exosphere wear.

"In Cosmic Couture, the focus lies on the exploration of new materials, their manipulation, and the combination of multiple fabrics. Additionally, intricate hand-beaded and embroidered details are incorporated."

- Joss Blake.

Cosmic Couture is a conceptual line that thrives on experimentation, mutation, and the decontextualization of garments.

Each design reflects the brand's unyielding pursuit of pushing the boundaries of fashion and creating a distinctive identity, maintaining a artisanal craftsmanship handmade in Seville, Spain.
This line serves as a platform for unrestricted creativity, where the conventional rules of fashion are challenged,

and new forms emerge.

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